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In Presbyterian churches, the Session is the governing body of the congregation. The session consists of elders elected by the congregation, who guide the ministry of the church and serve as spiritual leaders of the congregation. At FPC, our elders also serve as church trustees.

Moderator: Eric T. Myers
Clerk of Session: Terrie Oakley

Class of 2020: Class of 2021: Class of 2022:
Lisa Jarosinkski
Mollye MacLeod
Channing Monti
Gaye Lynn Wilson
Glen Baquet
Dave Biber
Stacy Najaka
Bill Pierce
Lisa Allen
Terry Milner
Antoinette Pigeon
Mike Scott


The office of deacon is one of sympathy, witness, and service, following the example set by Jesus Christ. It is the duty of deacons to care for the needs of the congregation, particularly the sick, the elderly, and those in need.

Moderator: Jerry Smith

Class of 2020: Class of 2021: Class of 2022:
Sandy Cannon
Ginny Knight
Ann Leyh
Melissa Ward
Bill Miller
Dan Oberlander
Jerry Smith
David Stewart
Becky Baquet
Dennis Burkhart
Pam Hewetson
Cathy Nivling