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The goal of the Family Education Ministry is to provide gospel-centered teaching and resources to the church at FPC through our Sunday School and VBS programs, seasonal programs, and outreach events. Our media page is designed to keep you updated on the ministry’s happenings, learn more about volunteer opportunities, and enjoy digital resources to help you and your family’s walk of faith.



Starting October 8th and continuing every second Saturday of the month, come as a guest to our Frederick For Families Podcast. This time will be a fun gathering over lunch to discuss the power of sharing our faith experiences. Guests will be interviewed to answer questions about their faith journey and the Gospel’s role in the lives of their families. Each interview will last about 25 minutes, and attendees will be provided an optional lunch starting at 12:30pm. (Book your time of interview here.)

EPISODE ONE: Understanding Juneteenth From a Christian Perspective.

EPISODE TWO: Interview with longtime father and FPC member Charlie Effland. In this interview, we discuss the joys and challenges of parenting from a Christian perspective.

EPISODE THREE: Sunday School: 9/25/22. Theology of Beauty taught by Joe Johnson.

EPISODE FOUR: Sunday School: 10/2/22. Theology of Beauty: Beauty Though The Trinity: Taught by Joe Johnson.

EPISODE FIVE: Sunday School: 10/9/22. Theology of Beauty: An introduction of the philosophy of Alexander Baumgarten, Kant, and Lord Shaftesbury.

EPISODE SIX: Sunday School: 10/17/22. Theology of Beauty: An introduction of the philosophy of Alexander Baumgarten, Kant, and Lord Shaftesbury: Part 2.

EPISODE SEVEN: Sunday School: 10/9/22. The Book of Acts Study with Greg Simms

EPISODE EIGHT: Sunday School: 10/9/22. The Book of Acts Study with Greg Simms (Part 2)

EPISODE NINE: 11/5/22: Interview with Greg Simms Podcast: Discussion on faith, evangelism, and joy.

EPISODE TEN: 11/5/22: Sunday School Class: Jomo Johnson: The Beauty of Myth


From left to right, Joe Johnson – Adults; Kathy House and Charlie Effland – High School; Lindsay McGhee Dingman – Preschool; Lisa Zsiga – Younger Elementary; Kylene Beshore – Older Elementary; Catherine Thompson – Middle School.



Every Sunday 9:30am: Sunday School Class at Frederick Presbyterian Church for Adults and Children.

See here for the full children’s schedule and teacher list. (Nursery available)


Christian Aesthetics/Theology of Beauty is a Biblical philosophical study of the intrinsic yet perceivable beauty as displayed in the Holy Trinity, the redemptive work of Christ, and the material world. In this study, we will apply the test of Scripture to our practical and philosophical understanding of how beauty has been perceived by philosophical thinkers, Greek and Roman Mythology, classical artists & architects, and the Western Church. See Syllabus here.

The book of Acts Study is fundamental to understanding the rest of the New Testament. Some people view Acts as just a historical retelling of events of the early church, but Acts is a wonderful study detailing the power of the Holy Spirit in the lives of the early disciples. There is plenty of relevance to how God wants to empower the church to accomplish his mission today. Hosted by Greg Simms, join us every Sunday at 9:30am in the Weaver Room at FPC.

Pumpkin Carving For Kids: October 30th: 11:45 am @FPC.

Enjoy a post-worship fellowship with pumpkin carving and games for kids. All ages are welcome to come.


Schedule a Zoom Video meeting here with Education Director Joe Johnson to learn more about FPC or discover service opportunities.